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Our ingredients are 100% natural and locals. ( organic olive oils and local plants picked up in the forest of south of france. Our recipes exclude palm oil and animal fat because of their ethical and ecological  impact and also because they tend to massively dry out the skin and create tighness after cleansing.

savons naturels ecologiques
PROCESS USING LITTLE ENERGY AND LITTLE WATER: unlike industrial soap making processed that use heat and loads of water to get ride of the natural glycerin. ( which is then resell fro other purposes).
savons naturels ecologiques
PALM OIL FREE RECIPE : Palm oil is widely used because it is cheap however its growing is creating devastating environmental and human problems on the planet. Therefore the foam created by our soaps is less intense than palm oil soaps but so much more respectufl for your skin and for the planet!
savons naturels ecologiques
TOXIC PARTICLES FREE PROCESS that avoid polluting the planet and putting in danger human health : 0ur final product is 100% natural, biodegradable and won't harm the wild life and the flora of the planet.
savons naturels ecologiques
ZERO PACKAGING AND PLASTIC WASTE we need to change our habit since plastic is invading the ocean. Cleaning with a natural soap ( with recycled paper tags) will enable you to act for the environnment.

savon vegan
slow soap