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How to cleanse your face with a natural superfat 100% olive oil soap!

It is completely useless and dangerous to use industrial cleansers with artificial fragrances and chemical additives to clean your face :  All these products do is to leave a chemical film on your skin and toxic micro particles in your pores that will worsen your skin problems ( dry skin, acne prone etc..). They will strip out your skin and its natural film. If this film is destroyed your skin will produce more of it causing oily-trend skin and its a vicious circle..the more you clean it the greasier it gets!
In order to properly and deeply clean your face from pollution and bacteria nothing is better than an old-style face cleaning with a gentle cold processed soap 100% olive oil (very gentle on your skin) with a cold water rinse that will leave nothing behind that a soft and naturally cleaned skin. If you feed you clean your face with olive oild soap it will nourish it and won't unbalance it.MY GRANDMOTHER'S METHOD TO WASH YOUR FACE :

First of all wash your hands properly with a superfat cold processed natural soap. Indeed hands are the best tools to clean your face but they contain germs and bacteria responsible for skin inflammation. However you may wash your hands with our soap Lou Gaté several times a day without drying them!

Wet your face skin with warm water in order to expand the skin pores to properly clean them. Wet the soap and gently create foam within your hand hollow. Apply the foam on your face while insisting on the chin/ neck and forehead areas. Rinse thoroughly from top to bottom with warm water. Finish with a cold water rinse to close up the pores.
You may do these routine up to 3 times a day in case of severe acne prone it will get rid of the bacterias responsible of your skin problems without drying out your skin.

Reduce the frequency and/or avoid the cheek area and moisturize your skin if red patches appear.

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